Story Team Modules

Everything Your Story Teams Need for a Successful Stop-Motion Animation Production

Module Kits Fully Equip Your Story Teams

Stop-motion animation requires some unique equipment, software and materials for a successful student production experience.  TEACH Multimedia equips each story team with what they will need to succeed.

This curriculum is purchased by modules.  This module includes student access to the stop-motion animation curriculum and to the stop-motion animation software they will use to create their story production.  The student also is provided home use of the stop-motion animation software.

Each story team also receives a module kit which contains:

  • Production Stage Set-up:
    • 3- panel Green Corrugate Back Panel (1 per story team)
    • Surge protector (1 per story team)
    • Portfolio 13.2” adjustable LED clip lamp (1 per story team)
    • 5.5” clip-on lights (4 per story team)
    • Light diffusers (4 per story team)
    • 4K webcam (1 per story team)
  • Craft & Art Materials:
    • 9”X12” tracing paper pad (1 per student)
    • Claytoon Non-Toxic Clay Project Studio Kit (1 per classroom)
    • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Primary Colors (1 per story team)
    • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Neutral Colors  (1 per story team)
    • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Hot Colors (1 per story team)
    • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Cool Colors (1 per story team)
    • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Earth Tones (1 per story team)
    • Sculpey clay (1 per classroom)
    • Multi-colored Construction Paper pack (1 per classroom)
    • Mounting putty (1 per classroom)
    • Multicolored pipe cleaners (1 per classroom)
    • Prints for bird in cage thaumatrope (1 per student)
    • Ball of string (1 per classroom)
    • Prints for walking horse flip book (1 per student)
    • 1 ¼’ binder clips (1 per student)
    • Animation Scope kit by Innovation Academy (1 per classroom
    • 4”X6” unlined index cards (1 pack per story team)
    • 3/8″ Clear Adhesive Zots Dots Singles (1 per classroom)
    • Male wooden artist mannequin (1 per classroom)
  • Tools & Hardware:
    • 12 gauge aluminum wire (1 per classroom)
    • 18 gauge aluminum wire (1 per classroom)
    • 20 gauge copper wire (1 per classroom)
    • 6″ long nose pliers/wire cutter (1 per story team)
    • Duct tape (1 per classroom)


 The story team collaborates throughout the course to create their original story, produce it and then publish it online.

Production Stage Setup

Story teams learn to set up and use their production stage.

Connectivity to a Digital Device

Students record audio & visuals through the 4K webcam.

Crafts and Art Materials

Story team modules include a wide range of materials.

Tools and Hardware

Students get basic tools & materials for making their creations.

Stop-Motion Animation Software

Story teams learn how to use stop-motion animation software.

Learning Resource Tools

Students work with manipulatives to learn key concepts.