Teacher Resources

Comprehensive Teacher Resources

Everything You Need for Successful Learning

You don’t need to be an expert in animation or digital media to teach this course.  The 50-minute online instruction you share with your students will completely equip you with the knowledge you will need to lead your students to a successful experience with stop-motion animation.  You will value the tools provided to you as a teacher of our stop-motion animation curriculum:

  • 50-minute, interactive online lessons
  • Hands-on, experiential learning activities
  • Pre-tests
  • Post-tests
  • Individual skill practice activities
  • Team activities
  • “Something Extra” suggestions for deeper exploration opportunities
  • Comprehensive teacher guides for each lesson
  • PowerPoint introductions for each lesson
  • Quick reference, two-page overviews for each lesson
  • Helpful supplemental resources


These resources offer great flexibility.  You can select the resources and activities to match your teaching format and course length requirements.  The curriculum comes with a recommended sequence of fifty, 50-minute class sessions, but you can easily shorten or extend the length of the curriculum as you need.

Interactive Online Instruction

 Interactive multimedia content engages students in learning.

Easy Online Access to Curriculum

 The curriculum and teacher resources are easy to access through your teacher dashboard.

Team Activities

Story teams apply each lesson’s learning to their story project.

“Something Extra”

 Each lesson offers multiple recommendations for deeper exploration.

Helpful Skills Assessment

Pre-tests, Post-tests & Skill Practices assess achievement.

Teacher Guides & Resources

Comprehensive guides and references help you teach.